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04.Oct.12 Architect calls on Government to ensure strict adherence to Disability Act

The Government was on Wednesday urged to establish an Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board that would ensure strict adherence to sections in the Person with Disability Act 2006 (Act 715).

19.Sep.12 Advocacy Brings Wheelchair Ramps to Ghana’s Schools

Thanks to a project made possible by the STAR-Ghana program, 72 school buildings in Ghana’s Volta Region will soon have wheelchair ramps, allowing children with disabilities to reach their classrooms more easily.

24.Aug.12 Voice Ghana Presents Position Paper To Political Parties On The Needs Of The Disabled

VOICE GHANA presented a Position Paper to Political Parties and Aspiring Parliamentarians contesting the 2012 general elections in the Agotime-Ziofe and Adaklu Constituencies on issues of concern that persons with disabilities would like Aspiring Parliamentarians to include in their development plans and implement for them when elected.

16.Aug.12 STAR Ghana Supports VOICE Ghana to Implement a 3-Year Sustainable Step Change Plan

STAR Ghana – Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness in Ghana ( ) on behalf of its donor partners (DFID, EU, DANIDA, and USAID) is supporting VOICE GHANA to implement a 3-year Sustainability Step Change Plan.

10.Jul.12 VOICE Ghana Held Breakfast Meeting With The Ho Municipal Chief Executive

VOICE GHANA held a breakfast meeting at Chance Hotel, Ho with the Ho Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Isaac Kotobisah and the Presiding Member, Hon. Mathew M. Atsrim. Also in attendance were key members of the Management Committee for the 2% District Assembly Common Fund for persons with disabilities in the Ho Municipality.

18.May.12 VOICE Ghana Held 10th Annual General Meeting

Voice of People with Disability –VOICE GHANA, held another successful AGM on 13th May 2012 at Kekeli Hotel, Ho the Volta Region, Ghana. In all, 126 members attended the AGM. Click here to view photos of the AGM.

26.Jan.12 VOICE Ghana Comments PPMC, Ho

Voice of People with Disability Ghana (VOICE GHANA) is an NGO managed for and by people with disabilities. The organization has its offices in Ho, Volta Region and was formerly known as VOLPHIG. VOICE GHANA carried out accessibility audit on 216 schools structures in the Ho Municipality including some on-going GETFund schools projects between 26th April and 9th June 2011. The project was supported by STAR-Ghana ( The baseline data/evidence of the accessibility audit shows that several schools structures in the Ho Municipality have no provision of access for persons with disabilities.

26.Jan.12 VOICE Ghana And Election 2012

VOICE GHANA signed a US$36,280.75 contract with STAR-GHANA ( on 23rd January, 2012 to carry out advocacy to ensure manifestos and development plans for all Aspiring Parliamentarians in the Ho East Constituency take cognizance of issues for persons with disabilities, particularly women, children and the youth for whoever gets elected to address.

18.Jan.12 Voice Ghana Gets Further Volunteer Support

Gerry McGeoch, a former volunteer is providing a further short term volunteer support to VOICE GHANA from 24th January to 6th February 2012. Gerry’s main task will be to support the staff and Board to:

24.Oct.11 Notice Of Change Of Name

We have the pleasure to inform our Partners/Donors/Friends of VOICE GHANA that pursuant to Section 15(9) of the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179), we the Board, staff and members of the Volta Physically Challenged Independent Group (VOLPHIG) have registered alteration of the name of our organization with the Registrar General’s Department in Accra, Ghana from VOLTA PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED INDEPENDENT GROUP (VOLPHIG) to VOICE OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITY GHANA (VOICE GHANA).


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